Scan for free

You can register for CyberScore™, download our software and run as many scans as you like, across as many devices as you like.  You will receive a CyberScore™ and high level information via the dashboard.

Paying for CyberScore™

If you want to unlock your CyberScore™ data, sort your vulnerabilities, generate or share your Get Well Plans, patch reports and Technical Reports, or if you wish to share your data with a third party such as an insurer, investor or supply chain operator, you will be required to pay for CyberScore™.   In some circumstances you may be awarded free scans by a third party, for instance if you are in a Supply Chain where the main customer requests that you run CyberScore™.  If you have paid for a CyberScore™ you may share it with as many third parties as you choose – great if you’re in lots of supply chains! 

CyberScore™ licenses

The good news is that CyberScore™ is easily affordable for businesses of every size.  There are licensing packages available for both channel partners and direct customers.  Email [email protected] for more information.