XQ Cyber and EveryCloud sign partnership to bring the award winning CyberScore™ to the financial sector

XQ Cyber is delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with the cloud security consultants EveryCloud, to bring you the award winning CyberScore™.

EveryCloud are the leading cloud security consultants who assist organisations across the finance, accountancy and professional services sectors to build combined solutions from products that suit your needs and goals.

Their solutions offer you the full protection and control to keep your business safe.

With cyber-attacks against the financial sector tripling since 2016* the need for organisations to introduce more effective cybersecurity is crucial. As financial services become increasingly digital and open banking and third-party data sharing change how business is done, cyber risks are only going to grow both in scale and sophistication.

Now with CyberScore™, EveryCloud customers will be able to use a ground-breaking automated security testing service to get a clear overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. CyberScore™ converts vulnerability data into an immediate score out of 10 and highly informative Get Well Plans and Risk Management Reports and allows you to:

Continuously understand your cybersecurity posture

  • Track your progress and watch your cyber health improve as mitigation measures are implemented
  • Track cyber risks across supply chains and third parties without the need for consultants or questionnaires
  • Set minimum standards, hold suppliers and service providers to account
  • Dispense with impenetrable reports. Instead, receive a clear and concise Get-Well Plan that can be shared with staff and service providers
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of compliance penetration testing
  • CyberScore™ streamlines what was once a very time and resource intensive task, providing users with a clear oversight of what areas of their security may need improvement.

XQ Cyber director Rachel Hudson said; “We are thrilled to be working in partnership with EveryCloud to bring CyberScore™  to their customers. Working together we can reduce the threats posed by the growing cybersecurity threat.”

For more information contact EveryCloud:

T: 0800 470 1820

E: [email protected]

Want to learn more about CyberScore™? Visit the XQ Cyber website at www.xqcyber.com 

*stats from https://breachlevelindex.com/