Tackling the Cyber Skills Gap – XQ provides its first Work Experience Placement

XQ Cyber is playing our part in closing the cyber skills gap by providing its first work experience placement to Suzie Bach, a year 10 student at Pate’s Grammar School.

By Suzie Bach

Pate’s gave year 10 students the opportunity for a day of work experience, shadowing a parent or other adult. Suzie’s mum works in the healthcare profession, and she was interested in spending a day learning about a day in the life of a doctor. However, patient confidentiality may have been an issue. Instead, she decided to explore other possible options, so spent the day at XQ Cyber with her dad and his colleagues, and enjoyed a day of hacking, marketing and graphic design.

She learnt about what makes a business, and what XQ is hoping to do in the future, as well as general tips about marketing and important things to remember when taking risks and starting up a business.

As well as that XQ’s team of penetration testers taught her how to hack (safely and legally of course) and showed her how she can keep herself safe online.

It has helped her to develop business skills and how best to catch the eyes of different target audiences.

“I also sat in a meeting about the future direction for the company’s disruptive technology called CyberScore™. I learnt that it makes a lot of what the pen testers currently do a bit redundant. It sounded odd putting themselves out of a job but apparently, it’s a good thing because then they get to focus on some more challenging cyber problems,” said Suzie.

XQ is always open to supporting the younger generation when it comes to cyber security, especially as they’re looking to help to reduce the cyber skills gap and encourage more young people to join the profession. It would be great to see more girls interested in cyber security as there is an evident gap in this part of the professional world.


If you’d like to do your work experience at XQ Cyber or know someone who would be interested please get in touch.

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