Release 40 is now live!

We’ve listened to your feedback and our dev team has been working tirelessly to make CyberScore better than ever, to that end we’re delighted to announce that release 40 is now live and kicking!

What can you expect in the latest release?

Editing Scans

The final part of this round of scan editing changes allows the pointing of an existing scan to look at the new scanner. This makes migration to the new scanner, which is more robust and has much improved diagnostics, much easier. We’ve introduced that into this release, along with the ability to change the email preference on a scan.

CVEs within your Patch Report

We have listened to your feedback and understand that whilst CyberScore can be great at identifying what needs attention, putting into context what needs to be done and what has been found can be a little more challenging. We’re improving that by including the CVE for the vulnerabilities, so you can quickly reference more details. 

Making the UI more consistent

We have been investing in improving the user journey through CyberScore, which has led us to look for where the look and feel is not consistent. Where we have found differences, we are making it better, both in this release and as an ongoing commitment to keep the journey easy and clear.

With this in mind, we have improved the lists where you access the Technical Reports and Get-Well Plans so they use similar terminology and are much easier to navigate to - both are now listed newest to oldest so it’s much easier to view the latest information.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and know that it is helpful to be able to see navigation to move between pages at the top of lists as well as the bottom, so we are rolling that out across CyberScore.

Similarly, we know looking at lists can be tiring on the eyes and easy to mix up one line and another. We’ve introduced shading to help make lists clearer and easier to read; a little step that will make a big difference.

Cyber Essentials Plus

We regularly review our Cyber Essentials Plus tests against the latest guidance. Our latest review has led us to dropping our checks for password complexity, adjusting our tests regarding full disk encryption and mandatory password change.

Busy squashing bugs…

Oh, and we’ve been busy fixing some niggling bugs and troublesome features across the system. One of our favourites is improved sort times of scans pages. Please contact us if you find any we have missed, so we can get them addressed as soon as possible. Email [email protected]

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