My Week’s Work Experience at XQ Cyber

This week we've had Megan Wild in for Work Experience. Read how she got on at XQ.

During the week I have been able to work alongside amazing people in a successfully growing business. Their success may not only be due to their incredible ideas and the execution of them, but also the fact the employees are one big family.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work within this company and I have learned so much from each department. Shadowing the employees in their meetings I was able to see just how talented and intelligent the individuals are – I learnt not only the basics, from what an IP address is, to what I deem as more intermediate knowledge, such as what a business roadmap would look like or how to change a person’s identity using Adobe Photoshop.

Each department had different knowledge to offer me, for example the Consultancy team taught me the very basics of White Hat (a hacker who legally gets into somebody’s computer network in order to test or evaluate its security systems) and Red Team (a group of White Hat hackers attacking an organisation’s digital infrastructure).

The Marketing team taught me how to use design software and to effectively research – they have also shown me that there is always room for improvement and there is no such thing as a bad idea or creation, that it is just a learning experience to improve on your skills.

The Service Desk (which includes the Technical Account Managers) showed me their procedures for handling customers support queries and complaints, as well as the documentation they create and follow in order to successfully help their customers.

The Development team showed me their products (i.e. CyberScore) and how they are all used as well as what they are used for. Furthermore, they also explained and showed me how they create their roadmaps and produce a get-well plan for their customers.

The sales team showed me through their procedures on how to get a potential client to become a buyer, as well as explaining their different partners and pricing and how these prices are produced using data about the clients to ensure they are charged fairly (i.e. how many IP addresses are in that company).

This was certainly the most welcoming office team I have ever encountered, everybody was treated equally regardless of job title and no question was a stupid question. Being able to shadow so many passionate people has really given me the opportunity to see what it is like to work in XQ Cyber, and has helped me narrow down my favourite departments that I would one day hope to work within.

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