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A recently released report from Symantec has revealed that IT security leaders across Europe are thinking of quitting their jobs over the amount of stress they’re under from heavy workloads, increasing threats and other pressures.

The data shows that a massive 82% of CISOs feel burnt out with 64% of those surveyed saying that they were considering quitting the role or quitting the industry altogether.

With there already being a huge challenge in the form of the cyber skills gap, such numbers don’t bode well for the sector.

The Symantec report chimes with a Nominet report published earlier in the year that showed that a staggering 91% of CISOs are suffering from moderate or high stress.


How CyberScore™ can help

Whilst there isn’t a magic bullet to all the stress a CISO faces there are ways to alleviate some of the major factors. Interestingly the survey by Nominet showed that 50% of those CISOs questioned believe that the adoption of automation and AI in cybersecurity will reduce the stress levels. This is where CyberScore comes in.

Getting a clear oversight of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture can be a time-consuming process, time that could be better suited to tackling more serious issues. With CyberScore you can automate the proves and take control of your posture by detecting vulnerabilities and gathering empirical evidence and Get-Well plans. The process is rapid, accurate and can be run as often as you like allowing you to always have an up to date view of your security.

Demonstrate your compliance quickly and easily

Take the stress out of compliance by using your CyberScore timeline and your current CyberScore to demonstrate that you are creating and improving security features on an ongoing basis. Being able to demonstrate that you regularly scan for weaknesses and make continuous improvements to your security measures is a powerful statement to make if the worst were to happen. The reports and Get-well plans based on empirical data will help you create a paper trail of any issues, helping you to provide evidence that action was taken when a breach occurs and that you’ve taken the necessary steps to become (for example, GDPR or NIS Directive) compliant.

Automate Cyber Essentials

No other product on the market today provides an affordable path to Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. Through automated scanning of devices within your network, CyberScore provides a fair, balanced and standardised assessment of your estate. Through its Get-Well Plans and automated Technical Reports (pen tests), you understand how to raise your security posture to a Pass level and where to focus your efforts. From registration to generating your certificate, the machine-based approach dramatically reduces your assessment costs and improves your true security in one process.

Getting buy-in from the board

The reports also show that a quarter of CISOs believe that their board members and executive management teams at their organisations have zero understanding of the implications of cybersecurity issues. With extra layers of bureaucracy in between some CISOs and CEOs, CyberScore allows them to quickly and efficiently pass information up the ladder to the highest level of an organisation.

What better way to show a board that you have everything in hand than by showing decisive and clear reporting? What’s better is that CyberScore will allow you and your team to focus on more serious issues that may lie elsewhere saving your team both time and resources.

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