77% of UK Workers lack cybersecurity training and UK councils attacked 800 times per hour in 2019

Two new reports have revealed the scale of the cybersecurity challenges facing UK businesses and local authorities.

Lack of Awareness Training 

To coincide with the European Cybersecurity Awareness Month (the campaign designed to boost awareness of all things cybersecurity related) research firm Centrify released a report showing that 77% of UK workers have never received any form of cybersecurity training.

The survey questioned 2,000 full time workers in the services sector and also revealed that 69% of those polled also aren’t confident or suitably prepared to be safe online. 27% said that they use the same passwords across multiple accounts and 14% said that they wrote down their passwords on pieces of paper.

The result of this survey is cause for alarming concern. The result of this survey is cause for alarming concern. It is perhaps more infuriating that for years the dangers have been raised again and again and there’s never been so much cybersecurity awareness. The report suggests that many businesses are still believing the cyber myth of ‘it will never happen to us’ or ‘we’re too small to be a target’. Implementing cybersecurity awareness training doesn’t have to be difficult. Tools such as CybSafe are easy to implement across the workplace and provide excellent and continuous awareness training. 

800 attacks per hour

Further highlighting the dangers faced was the publication of a separate report by insurance broker Gallagher. According to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request UK councils are facing a tidal wave of attacks, with almost 800 attacks recorded every hour in the first half of 2019. (This figure is likely to be far higher in reality as many councils didn’t take part). 

The FoI requests revealed that of the 203 councils that responded, they have been attacked a whopping 263 million times since the start of the year. On a slightly positive note just 17 of those reported attacks had been successful and resulted in the loss of data or finances. However, all it takes is just one successful attack to cause significant damage with the data showing that one council lost over £2 million as a result of a breach. Just 13% of councils said they have cyber insurance to help recover the losses from such attacks. Such attacks can result in the disruption of services to the public, resulting in reputational damage to the impacted local authority.  

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