CyberScore™ for Insurance

CyberScore™  is an automated security rating and testing service that quantifies cyber risk. It allows underwriters to base decisions on empirical data rather than educated guesswork, without getting in the way of customer acquisition. CyberScore™  tracks the health of organisations without the need for questionnaires and consultants, offering a view of exposure, and providing guidance and support to you and your customers.

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Invite prospects and customers to join your CyberScore network
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Deliver value with Get Well Plans and access to local help
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View collective and individual risk scores
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Establish mandatory test schedules
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Buy credits for customers and/or allow customers to buy their own
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Quantify risk across your customers base
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View top / bottom performers, most improved, biggest fallers
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Receive alerts as new threats emerge

Build your CyberScore™ network

Once you’re registered for CyberScore™ you may wish to invite third parties to join your network. For example, if you operate a supply chain, or if you have partners whose cyber security has an impact upon your own, you may wish to invite them. You could also invite your customers and introduce CyberScore™ as a value added service.

Once on board you can baseline your network’s security posture and set minimum standards that you would like to enforce. When new vulnerabilities appear you can quickly view your potential exposure, and issue guidance to your network.

You can allow third parties to pay for their scans, or you can opt to pay for scans on their behalf. There’s even flexibility if you’d like to mandate a certain number of scans per year, and elect to pay for some of them.

Inviting third parties to join your network is easy. CyberScore™ allows you to import data, issue invitations, view response levels and create scan schedules. Naturally, before you begin to build your network we need to engage with you and undertake a tiny bit of our own due diligence.

Build your CyberScore™ network   Request a demo